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Welcome to haile hao international hotel, we will bring you highest courtesy, outstanding taste, let you experience the most honourable consumption, enjoy the most intimate of affordable to you! Li hao international hotel all staff sincerely thank you for your patronage, and welcome your coming again!
Haile hao international hotel is a newly established set rooms...

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  • artwega
    Help customers book, didn't say anything, they should be able to, anyway, easy to fly
  • e00112059
  • minglei
  • tav111
    This hotel is a joke, worst Hotel I have ever stayed in. Google maps shows it 8 min from airport but in reality is 40-45 min. Room was filthy with mold on the pillowcase. No hot water and major renovations happening so dont expect any sleep after 6.30 am. Views from your room will be rubbish dump and factories. Staff can understand English but will choose not to if convenient. Owner has no Idea how to speak English and has little knowledge in running a business. After approximately an hour I did get satisfaction on getting a refund for extra night I was meant to stay. "KEEP CLEAR OF THIS MOTEL AT ALL COSTS' Dont just take my word for it read the numerous reviews on a number of sites I wish I had. Zhè ji jidiàn shì ygè xiàohuà, w céngjzhùguò the zogo the ng jidiàn zuì. Fnzhng, dìtú xinshìle cóng Gg zài xiànshí zhng shì jchng 8 then though 40-45 fnzhng. ng zng y shì Fángjin muju zhntao shang. Meiyu re shu Hey zhongda zhngxi fshng de ruc zh 6:30 Yhou buyao zhwang renhe shuimian. Cong kanf ji fangjin nNG lèsè chng; hé gngchng. Néng tng dng rényuán Gngzuò yngy huì zhái xun bu rúgu, fngbiàn dehuà. Zhdào shu yngy rúhé BU Yèzh, packagesyùnxíng de yèwù zài zhzh NG shèn sho. Guo ygè dàyu Jng xioshí, méiyu dédào w mnyì dédào tuì éwài kun wnshàng de though, w dsuàn liú xiàlái. 'Qng yunli zhe ji qìch lgun bux yqie daijia' buyao zh tng dehua dule yxi wngzhan w xwàng du ci shncha w w.
  • rourou1223
    So so
  • JINJIN0218
    Help colleagues scheduled. late arrival at night. good. is the business around.
  • Genuine fish can not swim
    everything is bad here.environment is not clean and no cafe or restaurant here.
  • fanyongmin
    Family, family members said, the location is very good, very luxurious, very affordable, airport transfer services are particularly good.
  • Vassilij
    Help others
  • eyessun
    Which is very nice.
  • eddiewood
    Okay four stars were considered to be very good at this price
  • suyyi77
    Too bad, dirty, but this price is only level
  • e00074292
    Wow this is really not up to much, except where there is airport shuttle bus and then nothing, and transit under 4 hours in the rest, lying on the bed skin is itchy, it is no disinfection, poor health
  • sgabello
    Service good transport facilities close to the airport early not
  • fanglipig
    Also, the price is not expensive, it was very close to the airport, I feel better.
  • lenaing
    About 25 minutes from Pudong airport, convenient travel of temporary stay.
  • swbllm
    1, room is big and nice room 2 without WIFI, help poor attitude at the front desk, and unsettled; 3, room stinks, start air-conditioner, later set; 4, airport transfer conditions after 12:00 does not send, 14:00 a taxi to the airport. In conclusion, the experience is not good!
  • bc8362
    More remote locations, surrounding without any supporting, advantage is relatively near the airport, quiet and cheap.
  • dy1_21
    Hotel to airport drive also is to 20 minutes of, environment only is general like, after all chuan sand is suburb has. hotel in decoration, lobby are no air conditioning of, chick in of when front desk was is in small book SHANG a page page check appointment, room internal facilities compared old has, bed has a unit mold taste. After all only live a late, a early to catch aircraft of, not to care has. but 400 block live such of hotel is only once has
  • splongyuan
    Booked hotel for mother early to say not check names, and then make another room. international flights connecting flight had been hard this way unprofessional to toss
  • bearbear
    Next to the airport, shuttle bus, driver's punctuality, good. air conditioning and even in the next room, it is not convenient!
  • caixiaojow
    Restaurant is Maitai, don't know what taste, people have no appetite.
  • cwj0222
    Nice hotel, about 20 minutes by car from the airport, and have a free breakfast in the morning, pick up at any time in the evening, morning is a shift at the airport, not all the time
  • lababa
    Fever adjusting
  • dcalan
    Breakfast was terrible, like last month's boys left, dish has a peculiar taste to chicken bites, restaurants, cold, restaurants seem like abandoned years of State-owned enterprises around plants. it is recommended that do charge meals, go out now that the person who checked in without stint a few 1100 for myself for dinner.
  • Carol-Xu
    One hour would be nice, a sleep before the flight.
  • luo_l
    Regal Hotel International Nice airport is very convenient free shuttle bus
  • jimmyjiang1023
    Shiwanzhen Center is located in the airport provides airport transfer service, which belongs to the Shiwan area good hotels. breakfast is less.
  • bjuseco
    Wrestling from Pudong airport, Nice.
  • e00112807
    Traffic giant differential front desk attitude sucks room nor how
  • dadada
    Good pick, inform the hotel 24 hours in advance the flight number, and hotel tells me to contact them again after we arrived in Shanghai, airport waiting for us is, the results become our bus.
  • bail0003
    Small rooms, hallways and room cleaning are not in place, breakfast ... Very light, good WiFi.
  • laifufu3
    Regal international good travel location
  • llealen
    Hotel rooms are spacious, clean, friendly staff, good. the hotel location, but there is a free airport shuttle, free continental breakfast, suitable for transit occupancy. cost-effective and recommended occupancy.
  • annywang117
    Service service service OK,but. The environment is not so good
  • e04789557
  • anlon
    Hotel was good, the price is acceptable, most notably is the airport transfer service.
  • e00891038
    Good location, environment and really worth recommending, it will, as always, support, foreign guests left very deep impression, really are value for money, for there to be scheduled.
  • ambregao
    Hotels in the vicinity of several, convenient opportunity to friends, hotel equipment, service satisfaction, was good for business travel, is the price a little expensive, don't know if it's as a result of weekend.
  • didideng712
    Good location, left Pudong airport is near. around the hotel at decorate perfect. it is hoped that in future more
  • e02022854
    Poor conditions
  • wjlya
    In addition, the good facilities at the hotel. the hotel staff service is very friendly, can help us to take the initiative to send the luggage up. overall is quite satisfactory.
  • doremi
    Hotel said is in airport near, completely didn't thought is of is map Shang of line distance, results from airport out, taxi near 40 minutes only to, from large large of farmland between through is drunk has, returned to hotel, hotel facilities is worthy of price, room internal facilities intact, but bed products health General, toilet is big. General for, this price, except away from airport far some, other also is can's. on has, hotel of free shuttle also not at any time are has, compared early wordsCan call the car.
  • e00218941
    Which is very nice
  • fanfan_6989
    Hotel location is very good, very close to the airport, shuttle, very convenient
  • bbwmmin
    Nice environment good service attitude to the surrounding environment is also OK
  • bxlong
  • snoopyy
    Nice, but no window settings a little boring
  • lubalong
    A little remote from the urban areas, service, room quality, breakfast to boast about.
  • lexua
    Location is OK, free airport transfer services. airport there are regular, pick up need phone. room newly renovated, rooms equipment, cleaning very feeling, feeling very comfortable, nice hotel, next to the